Friday, March 11, 2016

Another one about homeschooling

My education background allows me to identify learning in pretty much activity.
Writing ALL of those lesson plans was impactful and beneficial, apparently!
It's especially helpful on the days we don't do any sit-down, formal Kindergarten work. :)

See? Watch this: 

Snack and tea while I read to them=
hearing expression and fluency, increasing language and comprehension

 Playing with sugar cubes + water=
learning about absorption and cause and effect
 Stringing Cheerios=
fine motor development, shapes

Coloring her verse for Awana-
Memorization work, writing

A lily finally opened!=
exploration, identifying parts of the flower, learning about microscopes

Alice gathered a handful of worms (gross)=
signs of Springs, what worms need to live, how worms benefit our world

Making a road=
playing with math manipulatives, cooperation, 
color practice for Clementine since it was her job to fetch the color Alice requested

Alice making a "Love God" sign=
writing, creativity, following through with an idea, 
discussion on how we can show God's love to our neighbors 

See how I justify all play my kids do!? 
I'm so thankful we've had this year to figure out what homeschooling is going to look like for us.
It's nice to start slow, for sure!
As she gets older, I know we'll need to do significantly more structured work.
But, for now, we play a lot! 


Mandy said...

i love this.

This Old House said...

I found your blog after a google search for homeschool ideas! Thanks for sharing! We also live in Colorado. Small world! I love that you just enjoy your kids being home without all the pressure to stick to a strict schedule. I don't homeschool, but it is on my heart. Very encouraging!