Monday, March 14, 2016

Go outside.

You ever watch something and are immediately impacted?
That's the way I felt with this video:
(It's right here since I cannot figure out how to embed it. Grr.)

So much good information in 1 minute!

Makes me get outside more with my kids FOR SURE!

So, this year, we will fly more kites!

We will pet more random dogs (with permission from owners)
and gather fallen branches to use as paintbrushes.

We will pour more dirt on our arms.

And we will build more mounds of mulch to help boost us to the handle.

I'm trying VERY hard to stop saying, "Be careful!", when my kids are taking risks.
That's so hard!
2016: The year I stop saying "Be careful!" at the park.

(In my own defense, I swear it's directly related to how high our insurance deductible is!
Still. I've got to stop saying it.)


Miss G said...

You are on a blogging roll!! Love it!

I'm excited to watch that video. We have been moving slowly and surely toward being outside more and more over the past several years. We will be outside with you guys anytime! And I get it about the park but they are tough! :) Kelly

Mandy said...

this is awesome. i love it so much.