Friday, March 11, 2016

Poverty and Giraffes

I took the girls to the Compassion Experience last week.
I've been trying to get Alice involved in writing our Compassion kids
and I hoped this would help make it real to her.

It was VERY well done!
We parked and were in and and back to the car in about 20 minutes.

We followed the story of a little girl.
Went to her home, her school, the medical clinic, etc.
Then, saw a video of her now.
Compassion is such an amazing organization!

 Then, since we were close, we decided to go feed the giraffes!

We've done this so many times and it never gets old!
I love our zoo!

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Miss G said...

Neat day and I love Alice's hair bow! Also, Cora was out of the blue talking about your girls at breakfast yesterday. :) Kelly