Friday, March 18, 2016

Smooshing stuff.

I don't love playdough.
I LOVE that Alice got to play with it at preschool.
Poor Clementine is stuck with me.
Her playdough exposure is lacking, to say the least.

So, we made this edible, gluten free playdough the other day.
They both loved it!
Applesauce, baby rice cereal, cornstarch. 
Cheap and easy.

I loved watching Clementine do typical toddler things with it.
Poked holes with her fingers, tore it into 1 million tiny pieces. 
I kept hoping she'd mash it with her belly- my all-time favorite preschooler thing.
Maybe next time.

Alice wanted to make something to keep,
but there was no way this stuff would dry in keepable way.
:Enter Crayola's clay:
She made, and later painted, a dolphin.

"I makin' tower, Mama!"

Thus concludes my photo documentation of my kids smooshing dough/clay.
Riveting, isn't it!?

See, kids?
We made playdough together! 

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