Saturday, March 19, 2016

"Taco Tuesday"

One of Alice's favorite things to do of late
is to make a restaurant for Ben.

While I'm making dinner,
she makes a menu,
sets the table,
dons an apron,
and waits by the window.

{I send Ben a text to let him know to be ready. :)}

He walks in and she greets him with,
"Welcome to [whatever restaurant name of the day]!
How many are with you today?"

She then shows him to the table
and presents him with the menu.

She LOVES it and Ben is so sweet to play along.

These pictures are from "Taco Tuesday".
She's also done Over Easy and Bolton's Pizza.

{tacos, cheese, beans, juice, wine}

She served him Chipotle-style.
He made his selection and she served it.

This restaurant was extra special because it included an after dinner activity...
a pinata!

My sweet husband.
After a long day at work,
he comes home and gives even more to his girls.
Always engages...
no matter how tired he is.
I feel like I won the husband lottery!

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The Mominator said...

He's such a great dad!