Friday, March 11, 2016

Valentine's Day

It was a bittersweet day since it was the day we said goodbye to the boys.
Goodbyes are always hard.
Before I passed the baby off, he rested his head on my chest...for the first time.
(He wasn't much for cuddling.)
Melted my heart!

Then, we went to lunch with the family.
It was so strange to be out in public!
At a restaurant!
With only 2 kids!

When we got home, I wanted to take a picture of the girls.

Then, these words came out of my mouth,
"Forget it! ALL I wanted for Valentine's Day was a picture of my girls
and you guys are being rascals!"

Side story: I called the girls "rascals" the other day 
and someone though I said a$$holes. 
I call them rascals often, making me wonder 
how many people have overheard and misunderstood me.
Let it be known that I would never call them that outloud.
Maybe sometimes in my head.

I decided they needed to decompress.
bubble bath + a show

Valentine's Day picture, take 2

That's the face Clementine makes when I ask her to smile.

Oh well.
I tried.
There's always Easter!

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Miss G said...

the last one IS pretty fun! :)