Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Beach!! (6, 7, and 8)

On Thursday, we rented bikes and road to Seaside.
First stop: coffee and lemonade!

Then, lunch!

And $4 popsicles:

Then, we rode back to the house.
17+ miles total!
Our hineys were sore.

Back to the beach!

A storm rolled in Friday morning, so we spent the morning being lazy at the house.
As soon as it passed, we were back out.

My sister, Aunt Kiki to the girls, is the BEST!!
She, unlike me, likes to be in the water and was so sweet to go in with Alice.
Alice absolutely loved it and still mentions this day as a trip highlight. 

Last day.
We went out to say goodbye to the ocean before another long day of travel.

We loved every minute of this trip!
I'm so incredibly thankful we had the opportunity to go!
We hope to go back again soon!

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The Mominator said...

I loved that trip!! I can't wait to go back!