Sunday, May 29, 2016

Homeschool for Clementine...kind of

One of the {many} things I've been trying to figure out this year
is how to involve Clementine in homeschooling. 
As a former preschool teacher and director, I LOVE preschool...
and yet I'm finding I have to be very intentional about doing preschool activities at home.
(The jury is still out about if we'll be sending her to a part-time preschool program next year, or not.)

It was fun to look back through some pictures and see how much she loves learning.

Alice and I did the vinegar/salt deal to clean coins.
Then, Clementine put them into a bank for some fun fine motor practice.

This one was challenging, but she got SO excited when she got it!
{button work}

Painting with toddlers is not my favorite,
but each time we do it gets easier and easier.

A couple days ago, she completely shocked me!
"Look, Mama! Dis is my family...Mommy...Daddy..."
She went from typical toddler scribbles to drawing people!
They have heads, eyes, noses, mouths, and legs.
It's looking like she'll enjoy art like her big sister does!

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Miss G said...

aaa!!! sooo fun!! We may need to come over and let Cora work on those button thingies you have. She has popped two buttons off her coat because her methods are not quite refined. :) Kelly