Wednesday, May 11, 2016

More randoms:

Marker making:

Teaching Clementine how to use chopsticks:

We met up with friends at a super fun park in Denver:

Post-haircut snack:

Alice made a packing list for the beach:
{swimming suits, bags (for collecting shells), stuffed animals, clothes, food, kite, done!}

Chalky handprints:

I came home from a super-fun clothing swap with friends to find this:
She threw Clementine a party because C learned how to take off her velcro shoes by herself.
That kid! In her mind, there's ALWAYS a reason to celebrate. :)

1 comment:

Miss G said...

I love Alice's concentrating face in that first photo. I have seen that face on you before. :)

Also, wouldn't packing be SO much easier if we used Alice's list!!!

Love that she set up a party! Also, love the pic of their hair from the back. So cute! Kelly