Friday, July 15, 2016


In my purging of social media,
I've decided what I think I liked the very most about it:

This birthday (7.13) was so...quiet. 
My birthday wish count, 
only because I remember every single one since they were few and far between:
Texts: 6 friends and 5 family members
Phone call: 1...from my sweet husband

{Important to note: My heart is not to shame anyone!!!!
I was simply made very aware at how heavily we rely on Facebook.
I know I did!
I've even considered reactivating my account just to go through and put birthdays in my calendar.}

However, God met me in the quiet.
In the midst of Ben being out of town 
and our bathroom being updated (which was NOT quiet),
I had sweet reminders of God's love for me.

1. My sweet friend, Kelly, had some kid-free time that morning.
She chose to spend her time having coffee with ME!!
It blessed me more than my words can say.
{and she picked these gorgeous flowers for me, too}

2. I could tell Alice was NOT satisfied with my "special day".
She wanted to do more for me, but was pretty limited with her 6-year-old resources.
So, I found some frozen cupcakes, fancied them up a bit, and invited them to my birthday party.
Though their smiles aren't very convincing, this seemed to lighted all of our moods.
{oh! hello there, little eye/big eye. 
it's been awhile since you've shown yourself in all your glory. 
"welcome" back.}

3. Lastly, I scheduled our sweet babysitter to come over and put the girls to bed that night.
I went to a thrift store, then to a few anti-thrift stores, like Anthropologie.
Then, had dinner on an outside patio. 
Where a solo dinner on my birthday would typically make me cry,
it did just the opposite.
I had a lovely white pizza and a glass of wine.
I sat and wrote a few letters,
and read my new Bible (which I LOVE!!!),
{It's also gone way down in price since I purchased it last month!}
and watched the most gorgeous sunset.
I kept feeling like God was whispering to me,
"I see you and I love you!"

I came home refreshed.

And yesterday I had a massage + facial, 
so that's a fancy birthday deal right there, too!!

Ben is back home now and we're going to celebrate together this weekend.


Miss G said...

yippee!!! I loved spending time with you on your birthday and I love that you felt loved by God!! Kelly

Mandy said...

happy late birthday, sweet friend. we were even emailing ON your birthday. ridiculous.
much love!

Rachel said...

I was very confused when I looked you up a few days after your birthday and you weren't there!I looked you up because I thought "why didn't fb remind me about Melissa's birthday?" I remember your birthday because when I was pregnant with Hannah and due any day I was glad when the 13th passed and she wasn't born. And you said, "my birthday is on the 13th and I love it". Lol. So, I stalk you here. You'll have to get me your # so I can text you next year.

The Mominator said...

I wish I had sent you a flower for every time I thought about you the days leading up to your birthday and the day of! I love you, Mo!