Saturday, July 23, 2016


I love milestones.
I love first words, first steps, the first loose tooth, etc. 
To me, learning to ride a bike is in the same category as those.

Alice has been quite motivated to learn since watching a friend ride her bike this past week.
She's been practicing with the balance bike in the garage, 
but this morning was our first time to go to a park to really give it a try. 

She did a few laps on the balance bike
and then Ben swapped it with the 2-wheeler pedal bike.
(I did NOT think she was ready.)

I still can't believe the learning curve!
One minute she couldn't do it and the next she could.
Such a fun day!


Miss G said...

yay Alice!!!!!!! sooo fun!!!

Mandy said...

rite of passage. so great.

Ashlyn + Craig said...

She looks like a little pro. Way to go, Alice!