Monday, July 4, 2016

Summer School {June edition}

We've been doing some serious learning this summer. :)

City planning and mapmaking:

{we ordered more caterpillars this year. SO fun!}

{she decided she wanted to learn cursive}

{learning exactly where to direct the water so it doesn't spray her back}

Physical Education:
{working HARD to perfect her cartwheel}

Culinary arts:
{made Jack and the Beanstalk soup for us}

Language Arts:

Creative play:
{I don't really remember exactly what they were doing.
"Cleaning the patio", maybe?
All I remember is that they spent over an hour doing it.}

More P.E.:

Arts and Crafts:

{making/growing crystals}

Sensory Play:

{Working collaboratively on a Minecraft world with cousins.
Two of them live in Nepal!}

More physics and P.E.:
{kite flying}

{climbing barefoot on a structure that twists}

{built a dunk tank. GoldiBlox are so fun!}

Science and Pretend Play:
{grew crystals and set up a Gem Museum}

Vacation Bible SCHOOL:
{She loved it!
Mamas of the world who get their kids up and dressed and out the door every morning,
You deserve all the gold stars!
I thought 5 mornings of it was challenging!}

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Miss G said...

Those crystals are huge! Lots of very very cool things. You are a great mama!