Friday, July 15, 2016

The Fourth

We had a lazy 4th.
No plans, pretty much just the way we like life these days.

But, I DID serve blueberries and strawberries!
AND lit sparklers!
We also spent the morning at the pool 
and invited ourselves to Ben's parents' house to watch fireworks.

I'm going to write a book called, "The Lazy Mom's Minimalist's Guide to Holidays".

Fear not, it's a short book and I'll give you, my 2 friends who read this blog, 
the Cliff's Notes version.

Chapter 1:
Ditch the Decorations
You know how many times my family moans,
"But Mooooommmmm! Where is the flag banner for the fireplace!?"
0 times.
I might buy flowers that seem fitting...maybe.

(Also, I LOVE going into people's homes and seeing sweet holiday decorations!
It's just not happening here these days.)

Chapter 2:
Marry an Introvert
"You want to do anything today? Good. Me neither."

Chapter 3:
Get it Together
By putting the few holiday things/clothes we have in the same bin,
you can sometimes find a dress for your kid that makes you kind of look like you put forth effort.
However, you did not.
The dress was free...and she wore it last year...and might next year as well.
All of my non-Christmas holiday stuff fits into one box. 

Chapter 4:
Take a Picture. It Really Will Last Longer.
One day my kids will look back and see holidays celebrated in sweet little snapshots.
I highly doubt they'll say, "We only did ONE Easter craft!? My childhood was a joke."

Well, shoot!!
Now I'll never get this book published!
My editor will say, "You need new content! We cannot just publish a blog post!"