Saturday, August 27, 2016

Things I want to remember:

I know the rest of the world uses Instagram for this purpose.
I simply cannot.
Maybe I'll write about that some day.

This blog is my scrapbook.
Memories captured for my children,
a place to write my thoughts.

It's quiet here.
And I like it! 

I want to remember how Alice made a Minecraft garden by following a "recipe" in a book we got from the library. She is Ben's daughter, for sure!
The way she navigates through her little land with bizarre key codes is pretty amazing to me. 

I want to remember the summer of swimming.
On this night, we had the pool to ourselves.
We stayed late and ate dinner in the sunshine.

I want to remember when Clementine put a strand of pearls on Jack...
and he {seemingly} happily wore them all day.

I want to remember the day we got a pile of joke books from the library.
Alice read them for hours, cracking herself up!

I want to remember the day we went to the ERC at the East Library
and Alice experimented with the density cubes.
What an incredible resource we have just down the road from us!

I want to remember Alice, laying in the sunshine, petting the neighbor cat,
listening to a Magic Treehouse book.
I hope she looks back upon our homeschooling years with fondness.

I want to remember the day I pulled out the watercolors with the girls.
Clementine happily got to painting--one of her favorite things to do.
Alice, my perfectionist, was paralyzed. 
She didn't know what to paint. 
Was afraid to start. 
Afraid of making mistakes.
I sat next to her and started my own painting.
She envied my creation, so I invited her to join me...a collaboration!
Over and over again, we reminded ourselves that when paints bled together,
when the paint seemed to have a mind of its own,
when it wasn't turning out the way we maybe thought it would,
it's okay.
Better than "okay", it's beautiful!
We kept reminding ourselves, "It's not a mistake, it's just different than what we anticipated."
At the end, Alice took a step back and had tears in her eyes.
"It's just so beautiful, mom! It's so messy and BEAUTIFUL!"
Oh, sweet girl, it's exactly like us, isn't it?

 I want to remember the simple joy of the Penny Pony.

I want to remember the sweetness of a little toddler who tucked her daddy in for a nap...
and the husband who can nap anywhere.

I want to remember the first time she painted her own face.
Apprehensive at first, then had a BLAST!
"Look Mama, I'm a gecko!"

I want to remember the 50's themed book club dinner I got to host.
The table ready for my 3 friends
I've been apart of this group for 6 1/2 years now.
I'm thankful for their friendship!
(We should've gotten a group picture!!)

I'm thankful they're still my friends after serving them meat wrapped in pie crust
and putting that...interesting...centerpiece on the table.
It's a fruit candle!!

I want to remember this fun day at the Denver Nature and Science Museum with friends.

These are days we'll remember.

First Grade!!

I went a tad overboard with the pictures.
Thankfully, she was so excited about 1st grade that she went along with it. :)

Then, Clementine wanted a first day of "Villa School" picture.
There is no such thing as Villa School.
It's our gym's childcare.
However, they sing songs, do crafts, play outside, read books, etc.
so it's close enough!

{We're still homeschooling...and LOVE IT...and doing a 1 day/week homeschool academy program.
It's a really great fit for us and I'm so incredibly thankful we can do it!}

Saturday, August 13, 2016

PowerSheets- a giveaway!

I'm really not a fancy enough to do blog giveaways,
but I'm going to anyway!

A friend of mine told me about Lara Casey's PowerSheets.
(Thanks, Cathy!!)

I bought a set and
it changed me!

My life if different now.
Different in the best way.

I know what to say no to,
because I've decided what I say yes to.

The first pages of the set are for evaluation.
What's working?
What isn't?
What do I want more of in my life?
What do I want less of? 
Then, there are 6 months of goal setting, reflection, relationship tending, stuff like that.

Anyway, they are super awesome.
You just have to trust me on this---
and then actually fill out the sheets.

I've bought 4 sets. 
1 for me, 2 for gifts, and now I want to give a set away.

{the shiny new set waiting to be given away!}

Just leave a comment if you want to be entered.

You don't have to follow, or share, or like, or whatever, anything. 
I just want to share the love of PowerSheets.

I'll randomly choose a winner sometime in the next week. :)

Click HERE for more info on PowerSheets.

Edited to add:
#2= Sarah!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Master Bathroom Project

With the sale of our little house,
we were able to do a little updating around here.

When we bought our house it had...
an oak vanity with a missing door, Hollywood lighting, pink tile, 
huge almond bathtub that wasn't super functional since our hot water heater would empty 
before the water would be deep enough to be comfortable, 
glass that would never look clean-no matter how much I scrubbed, 
shower doors that leaked, peel-and-stick tile floors.

Note to self: If we ever take on a foreclosure/fixer-upper again,

In an attempt to make it less horrible,
I did a little work on it a few years ago.
Painted the oak, changed the light fixtures, removed a mirror and framed the big one, 
found a door, though not one that matched, etc.
(These pics are from when I finished getting it ready for demo.)

I about died when I tore out some baseboard and removed some tiles.
There was some mold behind our pink tiles, too.
Thankfully, our contractor didn't think it was a huge deal. Easily fixed.

In an effort to keep costs down,
(bathroom updating is expensive!!!)
I kept the plan as simple as I could:
New floor, vanity, mirror, fixtures, tub, and shower,
but everything would stay where it was...
no major construction, like moving plumbing and walls.
We replaced the toilet last year, so that's the one thing that would stay.

Here's how it turned out:

(before the shower glass was installed)

I love the smaller, but deeper, soaking tub.
I also love how it feels a little cozy/private now.
I've taken 3 baths so far, which was about my yearly count before. :)

Comparison pics:

I still need to do window coverings and some paint touch up, 
but it's by and large DONE and we are happy!

In case anyone is curious,
here's a few links:
(However, we got ours from the Amazon Warehouse...significantly cheaper!)

Nick with Quality Carpentry and Remodel

Shower glass: