Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Master Bathroom Project

With the sale of our little house,
we were able to do a little updating around here.

When we bought our house it had...
an oak vanity with a missing door, Hollywood lighting, pink tile, 
huge almond bathtub that wasn't super functional since our hot water heater would empty 
before the water would be deep enough to be comfortable, 
glass that would never look clean-no matter how much I scrubbed, 
shower doors that leaked, peel-and-stick tile floors.

Note to self: If we ever take on a foreclosure/fixer-upper again,

In an attempt to make it less horrible,
I did a little work on it a few years ago.
Painted the oak, changed the light fixtures, removed a mirror and framed the big one, 
found a door, though not one that matched, etc.
(These pics are from when I finished getting it ready for demo.)

I about died when I tore out some baseboard and removed some tiles.
There was some mold behind our pink tiles, too.
Thankfully, our contractor didn't think it was a huge deal. Easily fixed.

In an effort to keep costs down,
(bathroom updating is expensive!!!)
I kept the plan as simple as I could:
New floor, vanity, mirror, fixtures, tub, and shower,
but everything would stay where it was...
no major construction, like moving plumbing and walls.
We replaced the toilet last year, so that's the one thing that would stay.

Here's how it turned out:

(before the shower glass was installed)

I love the smaller, but deeper, soaking tub.
I also love how it feels a little cozy/private now.
I've taken 3 baths so far, which was about my yearly count before. :)

Comparison pics:

I still need to do window coverings and some paint touch up, 
but it's by and large DONE and we are happy!

In case anyone is curious,
here's a few links:
(However, we got ours from the Amazon Warehouse...significantly cheaper!)

Nick with Quality Carpentry and Remodel

Shower glass: 


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