Thursday, October 27, 2016

Alys Beach

It just made my heart so happy to go through these pictures!

My sweet mom took my sisters, my (now) sister-in-law and her mama, and me to the beach.
It was absolutely lovely!
I've decided October must be the very best time to go. 
The weather was gorgeous and the water was calm and warm.
Absolute perfection!

"I look like Alice!"

I took Clementine's hair down after she had 2 little buns.
The result was pretty wild...very different from the norm.
She then looked in the mirror with delight and exclaimed,
"I look like Alice!"
And she did! 
I went to my computer and found this picture of Alice:

Both photos were taken on the same day...when we saw the balloon liftoff.
They're also wearing the same shirt.
A fun coincidence! :)

Thursday, October 6, 2016


I feel like the work we do at the table 
(writing, copy work, math, map skills, analogies, critical thinking, spelling, reading, etc.) 
is such a small part of our homeschool.

These are the times I love the most:

Outside art-

Afternoon P.E.-

Pretend play-

Self-directed math project-

Baking bread-

More outdoor art-

Finding and washing shells-

Then creating a "shell museum" Boxcar Children style-

As I write this, they've been playing with Legos for about an hour.
As long as they work cooperatively together,
I will not stop them to do more "table work".
Fine motor skills, communication skills, creativity,
storytelling, building 3-dimensional structures, and math.
Learning through play is my favorite!


A fun Friday morning breakfast at Over Easy-

Sometimes choosing the less travelled path is rather lonely.

I'm thankful to be walking beside these sweet mamas.
It's a blessing to have friends who understand the joys and the struggles of homeschooling.

And, they're really fun, too.


I love these park outings.
Fresh air, sunshine, and building castles in the middle of the trail.
Welcome, Fall!


We planted a raspberry plant a couple years ago.
We just got our first berries!!
It's been so fun to go outside and have a little treat. 
I hope we have even more next year!


They love this neighbor cat. :)
I love not having a cat. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016


A story I want to remember:
We went to a park a couple weeks ago.
After bonking her knee, Alice hobbled around for a little bit...
typical exaggerated kid style. 

On the way back to the van, she took off running.
I said, "It's a miracle!"
(not overly sarcastic, but sarcastic)

She stopped.
Turned around and walked back towards me.
Tears filled her eyes.

When I asked her what was wrong, she said,

"I just never knew *I* could be apart of a MIRACLE!"

Sweet girl.
So genuine and sincere.
Quick to believe God miraculously healed her leg.
Childlike faith.

Thank you for that reminder, Alice!

The one about Clementine

Sweet little Clementine!

Our little adventurer.
Puddle jumper.

Our little introvert.
She'll often go off by herself to play the piano,
play upstairs or in the basement (almost always pretend play with Little People), 
drawing pictures...
by herself.

Our big girl-almost 3!
She's going to a little Mom's Morning Out program 1 morning/week. 
And LOVES it. 

Our little jokester.
She loves to make us laugh.
She tells jokes, says silly things, and answers "poop" whenever she can. 

Our little artist.
Like Alice, she's creative.
She does watercolors almost daily.
Loves markers and facepaints.

This is me:

And her Jack-o-Lantern:

I wish I could press pause.
I love this age!