Sunday, October 2, 2016

The one about Clementine

Sweet little Clementine!

Our little adventurer.
Puddle jumper.

Our little introvert.
She'll often go off by herself to play the piano,
play upstairs or in the basement (almost always pretend play with Little People), 
drawing pictures...
by herself.

Our big girl-almost 3!
She's going to a little Mom's Morning Out program 1 morning/week. 
And LOVES it. 

Our little jokester.
She loves to make us laugh.
She tells jokes, says silly things, and answers "poop" whenever she can. 

Our little artist.
Like Alice, she's creative.
She does watercolors almost daily.
Loves markers and facepaints.

This is me:

And her Jack-o-Lantern:

I wish I could press pause.
I love this age!


Miss G said...

so neat to get this glimpse into her everyday! Kelly

Rachel said...

Hannah skipped the terrible 2's but we're paying for it in the 3's. Sounds like Clem is more easy going. But look out! :)