Tuesday, November 29, 2016

More things I want to remember about November :)

Fingernail painting:

Playing with giant water beads:

Clementine's HUGE muscles:

Alice learning to pick up poop:

Clementine learning "a little dab will do ya!":

Zoo trips.
Always fun. Always!

Their first trip to the shrine.
Ben and I hadn't been up there since we were dating. :)

Going to the museum with our buddies:

They paint every. single. day.
Thankfully, they've had so much practice that it's no longer stressful for me!

Independent reading:

Math with Skittles:

And then science with Skittles:

Next year I'm going to find more school-y ways to use up the Halloween candy.
They both loved this!

After many weeks, she earned her first Beanie.
She was so proud of herself! :)

After dinner reading time has become a thing...and it's awesome:

Math on the couch, Clementine is serving "pancakes", Thankful tree in the background.
I loved this morning:

Hot chocolate and a little Christmas light walk:

Then, another fun Christmas light walk with the fam:

First time bowling.
She and Ben tied for first place.

I found this cute note:


We borrowed a really fun book from the library a few weeks ago.
"What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night: A Very Messy Adventure"

The authors also created Dinovember
and I thought it would be fun to do with the girls...
who were NOT into dinosaurs.

Our dinosaurs were busy at night,
but weren't too naughty. :)

The girls LOVED it!
They suddenly wanted to learn more about dinosaurs.
Mission accomplished!

We went to the Nature and Science museum 
and Clementine carried around
this T-rex for over an hour...like a baby.

I often struggle with keeping the magic of childhood alive.
I land on the side of "we don't lie to our kids".
But at the same time, it is so fun to pretend.
It always feels like a fine line to me, but I'm working on it!

This also confirmed that I could never do the Elf on the Shelf.
8 non-consecutive mornings of creating little scenes was plenty!

Clementine is 3!

3 always feels like the first birthday when kids know what's happening.
It was SO fun to see her anticipate the day,
choose what kind of cake to make,
and talk about what she wanted for her birthday...
even if she answered "Hoppa" every time :)

Always chocolate.
Sometimes, when she doesn't want to try a new food,
we say, "What if you had never tried chocolate?!"
And then she'll try it.

We invited family over for dinner and cake.

Her delight with the gifts was contagious.
I mean, look at this face:
If only we could all be as happy with a package of baby wipes, right?

On the morning of her actual birthday,
we went and got a donut.
She chose chocolate. :) 

Then, we went to Monkey Bizness!

That night, we opened family gifts.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!
You are so loved!!


The girls decided they wanted to be a pig (Clementine) and a cat (Alice).
Then, when it came time to don costumes, they wanted to wear their pajamas.
We couldn't blame them, really.
I mean pajamas always win. Always.
(Thankfully, the pig and cat costumes were acquired for free.)

First up: Carnival at the gym!

We got to pet a pregnant donkey!
We could even feel the baby moving inside!!!

Alice's pumpkin, complete with headband and bow.

We have the sweetest neighbors ever.

After trick-or-treating on our street,
it was time for our favorite part-
handing out candy!
Clementine got to join us this year. :)