Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Clementine is 3!

3 always feels like the first birthday when kids know what's happening.
It was SO fun to see her anticipate the day,
choose what kind of cake to make,
and talk about what she wanted for her birthday...
even if she answered "Hoppa" every time :)

Always chocolate.
Sometimes, when she doesn't want to try a new food,
we say, "What if you had never tried chocolate?!"
And then she'll try it.

We invited family over for dinner and cake.

Her delight with the gifts was contagious.
I mean, look at this face:
If only we could all be as happy with a package of baby wipes, right?

On the morning of her actual birthday,
we went and got a donut.
She chose chocolate. :) 

Then, we went to Monkey Bizness!

That night, we opened family gifts.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!
You are so loved!!


Chrissy said...

I love you, Clementine!! Happy birthday!!

Miss G said...

Such a fun day!!!! Cool birthday banner!!