Monday, November 14, 2016


Here's the recap and review of our fun and crazy week.

Traveling is so easy these days. 
1 backpack carry on.
It was so uneventful I didn't even think to take a photo!

We arrived at my Dad's house and stayed up super late eating,
reading, playing with the dogs, and catching up.
I loved when my sister, Grace, read to the girls. 
They loved it, too!

Rehearsal Dinner night!
I love rehearsal dinners. 
I love the toasts.
I love the small group and the conversations that get to happen because of it.
I loved seeing my baby brother BEAMING.

After 2 late nights, we all slept in until after 8:30!
Thank you, hotel blackout curtains!

We spent a few hours at the Children's Museum, which was super fun!

Then, walked around an old, historic cemetery...
because the Boltons know a good time when we see one!
And I got to show the girls Magnolia trees and Weeping faves.

Then, we got dressed and headed to the wedding venue,
which was incredible!

I was paranoid about my girls looking like flower girls,
but went with the dresses my mama liked best.
(Cream with gold polka dots.)
Then, we arrive and see that they were totally dressed like the cute little flower girls.
Wedding guest fail. 

However, it made for pretty cute pictures:
They are the same age as my girls, so they had a blast together!

The girl cousins:

Chrissy brought me an iced Americano.
My sister loves me, obviously.

I couldn't be happier for these two!
The ceremony was beautiful! Perfection!
(Photo credit: Chrissy)

These four danced ALL night long!
I loved this shot with their feet off the ground.

I'm so thankful I got to be in town for my Granny's 81st birthday!

Aging is so hard.
More often than not, Granny isn't the same person she was even a year ago.
But this day?
This day she smiled and laughed and told stories.
It did my heart SO GOOD!
These pictures with her are priceless.

We got to go out to see Drama Llama Ranch,
my sister's little farm!

It was awesome.
We got to pet donkeys, cows, and alpacas.

I squatted to capture a picture of Clementine and this cow snuck up behind me 
and sniffed in my ear.
After I almost wet my pants, I flipped the camera and took a picture with her. :)

They built this barn!
This blows my mind.

We got to celebrate my niece and nephew's 8th birthday!

 Those Jensen's are amazing!
We had a fantastic time!

There's nothing quite like major dental surgery to end a perfectly good trip,
am I right!? 

My teeth are horrible and I had to have 2 pulled years ago and I finally made it to TN so I went ahead and scheduled an appointment with my Papa, who is one of the top dentists in the world for doing implants, seriously- he's amazing, and it sucks to need to have it done, but it was over quickly and I'm glad it's over...grumble, teeth hate me...and the feeling is mostly mutual. But before the surgery I had coffee with my mama, which I loved and cherished. Then the surgery.

A few hours after, we went out on my Dad's boat.
The girls were SO EXCITED!
And so was I, though I probably should've stayed home, rested, and iced my face.
(I paid for that the next day.)

I hate goodbyes.
It was a busy, but awesome trip.

Remember when I said I'd pay for my boat ride rallying?
I woke up Tuesday morning with a fat face.
You know what's worse than a travel day?
A travel day when you look like a cross between a bulldog and Jay Leno.
"Pic to prove!", you say?
Well, okay then.

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Chrissy said...

I love this whole thing! And your face is still beautiful, even swollen. I love you!