Monday, November 14, 2016

Stuff that happened between trips:

I brought home lots of shells and they LOVED it!

Alice make a "shell museum" inspired by the Boxcar Children.

I have a love-hate relationship with Legos.
(I know I'm not supposed to put the s on Lego, but I have to.)

Clementine's "Let's pretend to be asleep" fail:

Our aspen trees bit the dust, so we planted a Serviceberry tree in their place.
These two worked so hard to clear out a buried root.

Crabby days are instantly fixed with a trip to the library and the hills behind it.

I have now raked 32 leaf bags.
Our trees are absurd.
At least the girls enjoy playing in them.

I live for these moments.

Cute little face-painter:

Clementine's 1st haircut!
(Alice's 7th or 8th?)
This was the only action shot of C I got:

These little ride-on animals are hysterical.

I'm thankful for spontaneous park playdates with friends!

A treat for the patient errand-runners:

And we have another olive-eater in the house.

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Miss G said...

Cora loves olives too! Love C's plaid shirt. The seashell museum = perfect! I had no idea one is not supposed to say legos. I'm impressed with your raking skillz! Where is that ice cream from? love the little square dish!