Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Snowy Day

The Snowy Day is one of our favorite books and Amazon made it into a video.
Super cute!

Christmas 2016

I always love the quiet and stillness of Christmas morning pre-festivities.
(Do you see the moon?)

Alice REALLY wanted roller skates, 
so it was so fun watching her open them up.

This photo is SO Clementine!
Climbed on top of her big gift and gave a thumbs up. :)

Brunch at the Boltons!

This was the gift Alice made for Nana and Grandpa:
A cute little family tree.

It was a lovely day!




These 2 front teeth have been loose since JUNE!
Not kidding.
I even quickly scheduled family pictures so I could have
"One last family photo when she still looks little."
(I think kids look so big once they lose those front teeth.)

My almost 7 year old!
Growing up so fast!!

I also love that she's wearing pajamas in both photos.
I estimate she wears pjs about 80% of her life. :)