Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Fairy garden creating:

Clementine's teen boy moment:

Homeschooling is often messy around here:

This shocked me!
Who knows when she'll be able to write her own 10-letter name, but she almost has Alice's down!


Rainforest class at Phelan Gardens:

They got to make their own little rainforests:

Remember this, Melissa:
All piled on Ben, laughing hysterically.
I love how much fun we have together...doing nothing.

Another trip to the Nature and Science museum.
We got to see our veins:

...and see our own cells with this cool experiment!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Alice loves holidays.
All holidays.
This list made her giddy and this is likely her personal mission statement:

So, she's been making Valentines since January 5th.

Our friends had us over for a little Valentine's party.
It was the cutest!

We gave the girls each a card and mini heart box of chocolate.
They were over-the-moon excited.
The sweet joys of childhood!

I know the day will come when a tiny box of chocolates will feel lame to them.
One day, they'll likely request a $100+ doll, clothes from a particular store,
a cell phone (Lord, help me.), a fancy birthday party, or a vacation that costs thousands of dollars.
But, for now, I'm so thankful that we've been able to slow it down,
to keep it small, but special,
to expose slowly and intentionally.
Feels like a gift in 2017.

I am cherishing these young years!
(I think I'm feeling especially sentimental after Alice's "I can't wait to be a teenager!"
declaration today. I can definitely wait.)

Snow Mountain Ranch

Last weekend, Ben's parents treated us to a weekend away at Snow Mountain Ranch!

The trip was off to a good start when the never-napper napped,
and the big kid got caught up in a book.

I took the girls to a little science class where they made slime and little "lava lamps":

Clementine, lover of snow:

 Sweet cousins:

My sweet in-laws in our cozy cabin:

We went tubing on the 2nd day and it was SO FUN!
We played and laughed for hours!

These two kept going long after the adults tired out.
(Climbing up the hill, pulling tubes/kids behind, was exhausting!)

Then, Clementine hurled herself down the hill penguin-style.
She makes us laugh!

Jen, my running partner/yoga buddy this trip. 
Always fun spending time with her!

S'mores, snowball fights, yummy dinners, games, crackling fires, wine, yoga, 
rollerskating, petting goats and sheep, tubing, reading, coffee...
we had so much fun!

The Brave Eclectic School of Learning

According to this name generator,
The Brave Eclectic School of Learning is our name. 

Here's what 2017 has looked like in our homeschool so far:
(Well, these are the things I felt were photo worthy :) )

Finally posted our "rules".
(Inspired by Masters Class taught by Sarah Mackenzie.)

Crystal growing:

More SkillShare classes
(Our 3 months for .99 is almost up and we're considering continuing.
It's been SO fun!)

Trip to the Denver Nature and Science Museum with our sweet friends. 

Dinosaur washing, naturally.

Conversation Heart math:

I LOVE the zoo in the winter.
We have learned so much by chatting with zookeepers!
Orangutan talk:
Another zookeeper let us go behind locked doors to see the baby penguin!
I was beside myself.

Clementine is fearless in the water,
so we started official lessons.

I buckled under the pressure of the girls asking for "Fruity O's".
Then, they thought they were nasty (Sorry, Trader Joe.), 
so we did projects with them instead. :) 
C made a face...with cheeks.

One of Alice's reading comprehension activities had a recipe,
so we tested it out.

She's been a reading machine!

The joy of bubble wrap!

Another crazy zoo experience:
Alice was invited to feed the Pallas cat!

Art class at the library:


Math is always better with hot chocolate + candy cane.