Friday, February 17, 2017

The Brave Eclectic School of Learning

According to this name generator,
The Brave Eclectic School of Learning is our name. 

Here's what 2017 has looked like in our homeschool so far:
(Well, these are the things I felt were photo worthy :) )

Finally posted our "rules".
(Inspired by Masters Class taught by Sarah Mackenzie.)

Crystal growing:

More SkillShare classes
(Our 3 months for .99 is almost up and we're considering continuing.
It's been SO fun!)

Trip to the Denver Nature and Science Museum with our sweet friends. 

Dinosaur washing, naturally.

Conversation Heart math:

I LOVE the zoo in the winter.
We have learned so much by chatting with zookeepers!
Orangutan talk:
Another zookeeper let us go behind locked doors to see the baby penguin!
I was beside myself.

Clementine is fearless in the water,
so we started official lessons.

I buckled under the pressure of the girls asking for "Fruity O's".
Then, they thought they were nasty (Sorry, Trader Joe.), 
so we did projects with them instead. :) 
C made a face...with cheeks.

One of Alice's reading comprehension activities had a recipe,
so we tested it out.

She's been a reading machine!

The joy of bubble wrap!

Another crazy zoo experience:
Alice was invited to feed the Pallas cat!

Art class at the library:


Math is always better with hot chocolate + candy cane.

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Miss G said...

sooooo many GREAT pictures!! I love seeing all of this!!! The pic of Clementine at the pool!! 😍 😍 😍 Kelly