Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I've lived in Colorado for over 16 years now.
And it STILL surprises me how we can have 70 degree days in March...

 ...and then a blizzard the next day.

I'm thankful for the snow and hope we get tons more this spring!

St. Patrick's Day/Junie B. Jones

14 years of {mostly} awesomeness.

We were so excited to get tickets to see Junie B. Jones with our friends!

The play was super fun and the cast was incredible!

Ben's Birthday/A Weekend "Away"

I have a measly 2 photos to document my favorite guy's birthday.
Wife fail.

We celebrated Ben's birthday eve with the girls on "Family Pizza Movie Night",
then went to breakfast at Over Easy the next morning.

Then, we redeemed our awesome Christmas gift from Ben's parents:
a weekend away!
We chose to send the girls away and do things in town. :)

We went for a super long and beautiful hike.

Then filled the rest of our kid-free time with yummy food, naps, reading books, etc.
We even went to a float spa, which was really fun!
It was a perfect weekend!

Clementine says...

{on wearing a sleeveless shirt}
"I'm a little naked!"

Music Program

One of my favorite things about RMCA's homeschool program are nights like this.

The 1st graders were asked to wear Western attire.
This was the best we could do! :)

I wish I had gotten better photos of her with her classmates. 
Alice was BEAMING while singing along with her friends.
I loved every second!

After, we went out for ice cream.

Homeschooling in March

Trip to the Denver Nature and Science Museum!
They got to collect and view their cells!

A cursive writing class, Montessori-style!
So thankful for people who love teaching children things like this!

Sometimes P.E. looks like a morning at a tumbling gym.

And sometimes art looks like a VillaMoms finger-painting craft at the gym.

I've decided there isn't much better than teaching your kid to read,
and then see her completely caught up in a series of books.
{The Kingdom of Wrenly}
She read all 11 books in a matter of days and I enjoyed them, too!

One morning, she decided to make a "sled" to bring the breakfast dishes to the sink.
I'm thankful for mornings where taking 20 minutes to build and problem shoot said sled is possible.

Sometimes writing assignments are completed ON tables.

On this day, our science activity was going to a reptile store.

I loved watching them work together to build a fairyland in our front garden bed.

More science! Ants!

It's extra fun when Lilly comes over to play for a few hours!
They built "cousin land".

Painting rocks has become a favorite activity around here.

Monday, March 20, 2017


I hope everyone has a Mandy in their lives.
You know, that friend who is passionate, 
who loves people and Jesus well,
who makes you want to be a better wife, mom, friend.
I'm so thankful for my Mandy.

For the past 5 years, she's been hosting a raffle to bring clean water to Africa.
This year, it's BIG!!
The goal is big (15k) and the raffle prizes are incredible!

Massages, food, wine, essential oils, tons of gift cards, a music camp,
 books, photography, and SO much more.

I mean, the most important thing is that these 4 remote villages in Uganda get clean water,
but when you can help them AND maybe win something, then it's extra fun, right?

Here's the devastating reality:
These mamas are giving their children the only water they have access to--
water from contaminated ponds and streams.
It absolutely blows my mind that in 2017 there are still people without clean water.
My dog drinks clean water.
My GRASS drinks clean water!
Please join us in getting clean water to the people in Western Uganda.

We're donating an Amazon gift card.
I love Amazon Prime almost as much as I love coffee.
If you win, I'll email it over to you right away so you can get shopping!

These are some of my current favorite things I've bought on Amazon:

These leggings.
I've never loved any workout clothing like I love these.
With nearly 700 5-star reviews, I'm clearly not the only one.

My favorite mascara.
Should I ever hear of this being discontinued,
I will stockpile.
I will have an entire closet full of mascara and incandescent light bulbs.
More clothes.
They arrive on my doorstep, I can try them on at home, and then free returns. 
SOOO much easier than shopping with kids.
Can I get an amen?
$30 party dresses.

$9 kimonos

$8 for my favorite winter hats

My favorite journal.
I started Bullet Journaling back in the fall and I love it.
I'm tempted to post the super practical things we typically buy on Amazon,
like yellow jacket traps, chapstick, vitamins, etc., but I figure these
were more fun...and the pictures are prettier. :)

So, will you join me???
Will you please make a donation to the Adventure Project
and help get clean water to those 4 villages?

You're the best!

Go HERE to donate.

Go HERE and put your name in for some amazing prizes!