Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Homeschooling in March

Trip to the Denver Nature and Science Museum!
They got to collect and view their cells!

A cursive writing class, Montessori-style!
So thankful for people who love teaching children things like this!

Sometimes P.E. looks like a morning at a tumbling gym.

And sometimes art looks like a VillaMoms finger-painting craft at the gym.

I've decided there isn't much better than teaching your kid to read,
and then see her completely caught up in a series of books.
{The Kingdom of Wrenly}
She read all 11 books in a matter of days and I enjoyed them, too!

One morning, she decided to make a "sled" to bring the breakfast dishes to the sink.
I'm thankful for mornings where taking 20 minutes to build and problem shoot said sled is possible.

Sometimes writing assignments are completed ON tables.

On this day, our science activity was going to a reptile store.

I loved watching them work together to build a fairyland in our front garden bed.

More science! Ants!

It's extra fun when Lilly comes over to play for a few hours!
They built "cousin land".

Painting rocks has become a favorite activity around here.

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