Sunday, April 30, 2017

10 years!

This past Friday marked 10 years since our first date.
It's not a day we celebrate each year, 
but we thought it'd be fun to somewhat recreate the day with the girls.

On our actual first date,
we went to the Denver zoo, 
then to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen,
then to Dave and Busters to play games,
then to a movie,
then to dinner.
It ended up being a 10-hour first date.
My friends kept texting me, worried for my safety. :) 

For our family day,
we went to our local zoo.

{2 day old giraffe!!}

{I pulled out the shirt I wore on our first date.
It was given to me by my friend, Victoria, as a joke, but I loved it. :) }

Then, lunch at CPK.

Then, to play games.

That night, our sweet babysitter came over and Ben and I went out to sushi.

I'm so thankful for that epic first date 10 years ago!

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Miss G said...

FUN! That is a GREAT giraffe photo!! photo bomber giraffe with it's tongue out!! I LOVE that you still have the shirt! I gave mine away somewhat recently. :( It's okay though. Kelly