Sunday, April 30, 2017

Are my kids missing out?

I've often wondered that.
Are my kids missing out?

This blog post was so timely for me!

"We’re lead to believe that our kids need to be scheduled, 
their time accounted for. 
But, what they really need is freedom. 
White space. 
Time to be little. 
Is the fear of missing out preventing us from simplifying our kids’ lives?"

It's the mindset we've been striving for.
Less things.
Margin in our days.
Tons of time for free play.

They currently do not do any extra-curriculars.
No dance, sports, Awana, clubs, classes, lessons, co-ops, etc.
(Except Clementine who is fearless in the water and is now in swim lessons 1/wk.)
I know there will come a day when they request to do those things,
and we'll reevaluate at that time.

For now, we're soaking up these little years and happily "missing out",
which is perfect for our family at this time.

{chalk + water}

{we got to see and hold chicks at our favorite garden store}

{river making}

{spring spotting}

{practicing hammering}

{worm finding + habitat making}

{Alice was teaching other kids about worms...and passing them out,
much to the dismay of other mothers.}

{I got rid of our puppet stage. You know, less stuff.
So, it made me so happy to see them make a stage and puppets!
Alice put on a show for us and even provided snacks.
Confession: the huge cups of orange juice totally stressed me out!!
I rolled with it for the sake of celebrating creativity and independence.}


Miss G said...

I love this!! All of it! Kelly

Melissa said...

This post really encouraged me. I get caught up in wanting to do more, but they do not need more activities. They need more time to play!
We did nothing extra this year either and it was good.