Sunday, June 11, 2017

Beach trip 2017

I don't have a ton to say about our Florida trip other than it was absolutely lovely!

Everyday was pretty much the same:
wake up, eat breakfast, go to the beach, eat lunch, nap/veg, go back to the beach, eat dinner, sleep.
Our ideal vacation, really.

Uncle Will (my little brother) and Aunt Kiki (my big sister) were SO SWEET with my kids.
Playing in the ocean is not something I love doing, so I'm extra thankful they got to spend time
with their Aunt and Uncle while playing in the ocean. 
There were a few crazy storms at night, which brought up some amazing seashells for us to find.

These two.
No other women have shaped me more than my mom and sister. 
They're both incredible, beautiful, resilient, strong, faithful, and all-around awesome people.

Reading books and drinking coffee on the patio:

Alice would often say, "The only thing that would be better than this if if we lived here forever."
She is a beach girl FOR SURE!

Our last day was a little different because we needed to check out of the house in the morning,
but our flight didn't leave until the evening.

So, we did our only adventurous thing and went on a dolphin boat tour!
The captain would stop in front of a pod of dolphins and 
Ben and Alice would jump off as they swam through...SO close. It was incredible!

Then, we went to Shell Island where we found tons of sand dollars, held starfish and sea urchins, 
and the girls played in the calm, shallow water. I wish we could've stayed there all day!

I love my family.
I love going to the beach with them.
I wish I could replay that week over and over again!

Snapshots of May

 Lots of time at the garden:

Bubble beards!


Clementine has been very into making accessories. :) 

Alice took an art class at the library:

This is what the girls brought me for Mother's Day breakfast in bed:
It cracked me up!

"Mom! Come take a picture of us being sweet!"

Love these moments!
Alice almost always chooses the Action Bible. 

We got to go for a quick visit to the farm, too!


 More cutting tiny pieces of paper and sticking them to her face:

Alice learned how to tie her shoes!

...and how to flip pancakes!