Saturday, July 22, 2017

Birthday fun!

For my birthday,
we went swimming, 
then my homeschool moms group threw a brunch for me, which was AWESOME!!!,
(and I'm so sad I didn't take any pictures!)
Then, we went out to dinner, too!
It was a really great day.

To me, any day I don't have to cook is a good one.
I think I went 3 days without cooking!
Happy Birthday to ME!

On Saturday, I spent the entire day with my sisters-in-law!
Over Easy for breakfast, walking around the Broadmoor, lunch at Ivywild,
went to see some amazing photography at an art studio, chai at a fun coffee shop,
then dinner at Shugga's. It was such a fun day!
We tried to take a picture with the beautiful rainbow. :) 

Ben also signed us up for a painting class!
It was really fun and now the girls think we are amazing artists. Ha!

Now, we're sitting at a coffee shop while our girls are spending the weekend with Nana and Grandpa!
Happy Birthday weeks to me!
I feel so loved!

Dinner is served!

One night, I, while laying on the couch, asked, "Anyone else want to make dinner tonight?"
Alice, very sweetly and excitedly, said she would.

I loved how proud she was of the dinner she served. :)

New park!

We visited John Venezia park the other day...
and will absolutely be back!

This tall, spinning tree structure stressed me out from a safety perspective.
However, it was really neat to listen to the kids work cooperatively together.
My girls LOVED it!

Library love.

{ERC fun}

{Paws to Read}

{Books with recipes are extra awesome!}

We go to the library a LOT.
The children's librarian knows my kids by name, which makes me so happy!
What an amazing resource we have just up the street!

Donut Day!

I mean, it would've been irresponsible to NOT go eat a free donut, right? 

The cousins are back!

After almost 2 years, our family is back from Nepal for an extended visit!
The girls have been beside themselves with excitement!

On this day, we all went to the museum in Denver.
Fierce little Vikings!

We're so thankful to have them back!

Community Garden

We've loved having a community garden plot this summer.
One of my favorite things about it is that they have a bunch of food bank beds.

On this day, we were asked to pick raspberries and drop them off at Mercy's Gate.

I'm thankful for an opportunity to do some volunteering with my kids!


Most of June was filled with me feeling mostly horrible,
and the girls watching a lot of PBS Kids because of it.
(Thank you, PBS Kids!!)

But, here are some memories from the month:

{Moana VBS}

{Hillbilly hot tub}

{Summer Camp!}

{Iris garden}

{Making accessories}

{Early morning reading}

{Science experiment with Dad}

{Hawaiian ice!}

{Cousin time!}

God's Plan > Our Plan

Lord willing, our SON will be joining us in January!

Here's a video of us telling the girls.
The first minute is cute.
Then, fast forward to 2:20-3:30 to see Alice's response to how long it takes babies to grow. :)
Waiting is hard!