Friday, August 25, 2017

2nd Grade and Preschool!

I decided to start the school year sloooowly.
It still feels like summer here and I'm not totally ready to give it up.
But at the same time, I'm craving the rhythm of our school year. 
So, we're doing both!

We had our first day of homeschool:

Then, went to the garden and picked a few veggies:

Clementine had her last swim lesson for awhile.
She can totally float on her own...until she realizes she's on her own.

We went to get free coffee/smoothies from a coffee shop that just opened,
but there was an hour+ wait.
Not happening.
So we went to get smoothies and sit outside for awhile. 

And made glitter slime!

Alice's first day of 2nd grade at RMCA!

And then Clementine had her first day of preschool!

She gets to go one day/wk with her sweet buddy, Cora!

Thanks, Natural Grocers, for the free root beer floats!

And we've been at the pool a lot!

Drawing a self portrait while Alice was in Stroke School:

And waterslides!

She likes to hang out under water looking at her little doll:

Alice has been a swimming machine!
It's so fun for me to watch her.
She took 5 lessons of Stroke School and earned her freestyle and backstroke badges.
She cannot wait to get in the water and is still beaming after 40 minutes of swimming laps, diving for 10lb bricks, and learning to do flip turns.
Crazy to me!
She even taught herself to do a backflip this week!

We geeked out over the eclipse for weeks!
Such a fun day!

And our first significant veggie harvest!
(+ a belly photobomb)

That's the start of our school/summer!


Alice had been asking to sell lemonade all summer.
We finally gave in. :)

She wanted to earn money for a hamster,
but since saving money is not her strong suit,
she ran out of patience and got a fish.

The majority of the lemonade was consumed by them.

They had a great time and it was a perfect morning to sit outside to supervise.
Also, our neighbors were so kind and generous!
It made my heart so happy every time one drove by...and turned around to come back.

Friday, August 11, 2017


I love finding these!

Also, she's referring to Sharpies.
I returned them after a recent confiscation. 
Not sharps, like a needle with a syringe.
That would be a bad idea. :)

Pool time!

I LOVE when it's a little cooler and the pool clears out. :)
We've been swimming a lot lately and having a blast!
(And by "we", I mean "the girls". I don't get in. 
My optimal pool day is sitting in the sun and staying dry.)

She's tall enough to do the big waterslides this year!

Being silly with friends.

Yesterday, we had the pool to ourselves for nearly an hour!
Can you spot Alice?

We just finished up a round of lessons for both girls.
Alice wants to be on the swim team, so she worked on the backstroke,
freestyle, treading water for a few minutes, diving, and even retrieved a 10lb brick from 6'!
She has surpassed my swimming abilities.
She LOVES swimming and I love watching her!

Clementine is getting close!
She would rather chit-chat and play princesses with her instructors than actually swim.