Friday, August 25, 2017

2nd Grade and Preschool!

I decided to start the school year sloooowly.
It still feels like summer here and I'm not totally ready to give it up.
But at the same time, I'm craving the rhythm of our school year. 
So, we're doing both!

We had our first day of homeschool:

Then, went to the garden and picked a few veggies:

Clementine had her last swim lesson for awhile.
She can totally float on her own...until she realizes she's on her own.

We went to get free coffee/smoothies from a coffee shop that just opened,
but there was an hour+ wait.
Not happening.
So we went to get smoothies and sit outside for awhile. 

And made glitter slime!

Alice's first day of 2nd grade at RMCA!

And then Clementine had her first day of preschool!

She gets to go one day/wk with her sweet buddy, Cora!

Thanks, Natural Grocers, for the free root beer floats!

And we've been at the pool a lot!

Drawing a self portrait while Alice was in Stroke School:

And waterslides!

She likes to hang out under water looking at her little doll:

Alice has been a swimming machine!
It's so fun for me to watch her.
She took 5 lessons of Stroke School and earned her freestyle and backstroke badges.
She cannot wait to get in the water and is still beaming after 40 minutes of swimming laps, diving for 10lb bricks, and learning to do flip turns.
Crazy to me!
She even taught herself to do a backflip this week!

We geeked out over the eclipse for weeks!
Such a fun day!

And our first significant veggie harvest!
(+ a belly photobomb)

That's the start of our school/summer!

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