Friday, August 11, 2017

Pool time!

I LOVE when it's a little cooler and the pool clears out. :)
We've been swimming a lot lately and having a blast!
(And by "we", I mean "the girls". I don't get in. 
My optimal pool day is sitting in the sun and staying dry.)

She's tall enough to do the big waterslides this year!

Being silly with friends.

Yesterday, we had the pool to ourselves for nearly an hour!
Can you spot Alice?

We just finished up a round of lessons for both girls.
Alice wants to be on the swim team, so she worked on the backstroke,
freestyle, treading water for a few minutes, diving, and even retrieved a 10lb brick from 6'!
She has surpassed my swimming abilities.
She LOVES swimming and I love watching her!

Clementine is getting close!
She would rather chit-chat and play princesses with her instructors than actually swim.

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