Friday, September 29, 2017

Septembery things

I decided September would be a month of summer/school.
The weather is still mostly awesome, but there's still school work to be done.
We can do both!

When Clementine is in preschool, we often go to this cute coffee shop to work:

We took the girls to The Melting Pot for a special dinner out.
They loved it, though the dark atmosphere made Clementine instantly tired...even though it was 5:30.

Labor Day Lift-Off!
Balloons + donuts = Fun, always

Alice was asked to be a scripture reader for the family service at church.
She did such a great job and I'm a proud mama!

Slip and Slide at the grandparents'!

Denver Zoo with the Rolletts!

Lots of swim days!

Alice made a restaurant for us, complete with menus and wine. :)
It was really sweet!

I LOVE when they do this:

Art class at the library:

Back to our zoo:

We got to feed the baby!

Gardening season is winding down.
On a cooler morning, I asked them to put on a good outfit to wear to the garden.
This was the result:

Another cozy reading shot:

Goof balls.

They set up a Poetry Teatime:

Science experiment at the library with our friends:

We'll have one final summer hurrah next week, and then we'll be in total school mode...I think. :)

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Miss G said...

fun!! Neat that you guys went to the melting pot and so funny that it made Clementine sleepy! Horseshoe Donuts or Amy's or someplace else? Kelly